Oil and Coolant Filtration 

Properly designed filtration systems are one of the simplest methods to protect your equipment, cutters, grinding wheels, cylinders and to extend the life of your coolants, quench oils and hydraulic oils.

FST looks at each application and recommends the system that best suits your application from large central systems to individual machine kidney loop filtration.


Magnetic Separators
Losma's self-cleaning magnetic separators are an easy and inexpensive method of removing particles to 10 micron from coolants and oils.

Gravity Paper Bed Filters
Losma's indexing paper bed filters and paper bed filters with a magnetic pre-filter are used extensively in metal working.  Their biggest benefit is the ability to change paper type to match changes in oil or coolant, materials processed or filtration levels required.

FST is proud to represent Sanborn Technologies and their complete product line ofsingle, double and turbo stage centrifugal separators.  Sanborn's units can be integrated into almost any application requiring continuous, automated filtration to low solids levels.

Sanborn also manufacturers hydro cyclones and specialized centrifugal separators for coolant filtration.

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