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Engineered, designed and crafted with precision the Turbo Centrifuge from Sanborn Technologies is the centrifuge for your needs. With the highest quality vertical basket centrifuge on the market, the Sanborn centrifuge also offers many options to the centrifuge system. The Turbo Centrifuge from Sanborn Technologies has many industrial applications such as:

Coolant Recycling; Oil Purification; Fluid Recycling; Optical Glass Grinding; Glass Edge Grinding and Fabrication; Ceramics and Composites Grinding; Paint Booth Processes; Phosphate Solution Recycling; Parts Washer Applications; Gallium Arsenide; Wire Drawing; Laundry Processes; Vibratory Deburring; Silica Wafer Cutting and Grinding; Stone Cutting and Grinding; Biofuel and Oil Production; Sludge Processing and Dewatering; and Wastewater Clarification.

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