Waste Stream Recycling & Treatment 


We are proud to represent North America's best selling brand of waste water evaporators.  Our all stainless steel units are fully automated with auto feed, auto empty and have extra features such as dial up modems and stack demisters.

We can reduce your haulage volumes by up to 95% and can handle volumes
 from 2 to 500 gallons per hour.

Return on investment of under one year are almost certain.
Contact our office for more details.


Solvent Recyclers
Recycling your dirty solvent on-site has many benefits:

  • return on investment of 6 months or less

  • on-site inventory of new and dirty solvents is drastically reduced, freeing up floor space and reducing liabilities

  • units are compact, automated and inexpensive to operate.

  • all units are explosive proof and CSA approved.

We have small batch units that process 3 to 200 gallons per day as well as large automated units that can handle up to 5000 gallons per day.

Please contact our office for more details.


Ultra-filtration membranes are an excellent method of treating your oily water waste so that it can be returned to the process or discharged to drain.  These systems have many applications:

  •  parts washers

  •  die lube

  •  hydro-forming

  •  vibratory de-burring

  •  mop water

  •  compressor blow down

We have small batch systems that process 50 to 200 gallons per day and large automated systems that handle 20 000 gallons per day and more.

For more details please visit www.sanborntechnologies.com

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